All I want for Christmas is Green

Zanzana wrote about her dream for a Vegetable Garden here. There was a deadline for taking a decision, so she went to see the place.

Urban Vegetable Gardens under Snow

Urban Vegetable Gardens under Snow

The association Angoli di Terra has its Vegetable Gardens in the Southern part of Milan, around 4 kms from Zanzana’s home. That day Milan was covered with snow, so it was not easy to reach the place by bicycle.

She met at the entrance the person in charge of everything, Claudio, who, after introducing each other, asked her: “Who is going to dig?” Probably Zanzana’s aspect did not suggest him the idea of physical force, but she made him notice that she arrived there by bicycle after we got 20 cms snow the day before. He looked reassured, so Zanzana received all the indications in order to go and see the currently free slots. There were other people as well there, as the free slots were 4 in total. She walked down the small hill you can see in the picture until her candidate vegetable garden, n. 27, which you can admire here below.

Candidate Vegetable Garden

Candidate Vegetable Garden

As you can see, it is quite big! She entered inside and checked the cupboard, that can be used for chairs or gardening tools. In fact she was not sure, as she liked also another slot, but eventually preferred this, a corner one (she followed also the advice of a gardener, in the age of her father more or less, who accompanied her on the way).

She went back to the entrance, and this was really the most complicated moment: she did not know at all what to do. First she sent an mms with the vegetable garden picture to a friend and colleague who unexpectedly said one day at the Survival Compromise: “I want to work in a Vegetable Garden!” Zanzana has now a solution ready for her! 🙂 Of course the answer to the mms was something like: “This will be a vegetable garden, now it looks like a snowy field“. Then she discussed a little more with Claudio, explaining her fears and her lack of experience. He said this can quickly become a big passion, but it still requires committment, and he added Zanzana will not be able to go every weekeend to the beach, during summer (she is not in fact, but he could not know). He wisely suggested her to manage things step by step, and to try growing a few things first, avoiding to plan for a forest. He also mentioned it will be necessary to take clear agreements with friends and relatives for the work to do, as Zanzana mentioned the fact there might be someone helping her. Zanzana eventually phoned home before deciding, and she found a great support this time, so she said yes, and agreed to send the contract on the next Monday.

The Calendar of Vegetable Gardening

The Calendar of Vegetable Gardening

Now Zanzana is wating to meet again Claudio and the new gardeners like her, in order to get the keys of the gate and the basic information to start working. She is still very afraid of her decisions, but she also feels very calm somehow. She is making in her mind the list of the vegetables and other plants she would like to grow; she is surfing the web 20 hours a day in order to discover the most updated digging techniques; she went to a garden center close to her home, in order to understand how much money she will need in order to buy the first basic tools, but she did not dare to ask the people there; she is checking, month by month, what she would be supposed to do in the vegetable garden…

Zanzana feels very happy when she thinks that she eventually decided to do that. We surely spend too much time talking and complaining, while it would be much better to try new ways, when we feel that we need it. Zanzana knows the work to do is a big point: she does not want to leave this responsibility on someone else (nobody would take it anyway), but she will for sure need help. She also knows quite some people who would have time to do that and who would feel better, committing some time to gardening and growing vegetables. She is planning to ask, but she is also preparing not to feel deceived, in case she receives a refusal.

Getting some Help for the Vegetable Garden

Getting some Help for the Vegetable Garden

Getting her vegetable garden is for sure the biggest change, and probably biggest Christmas gift, Zanzana received this year: now beside the challenge to manage it, she hopes to make of it something useful for everybody!

6 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is Green

  1. Oh gosh, Zanzana! Congratulations! Well done!!!
    One of the keys to success is research and I see you got it already. Determination is another one and you have got plenty.
    Go ahead and make it happen! 🙂

    • Here you have to pay also for the air! In theory trees are forbidden, anyway you have to keep all the plants under 1m50. We already have a small problem with a little pine my parents bought, but in case we will accompany it to Monza Park 🙂


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