Ten Things To Do Before the World Ends

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

Now that all the noise about the 2012 Phenomenon has eventually come to an end, Zanzana wants to play a game inspired by that event.

The premise is the deep respect Zanzana feels towards Maya and all the other great native American civilizations, which we  contributed to destroy with weapons but most of all with stupid diseases, such as flu, as these people were not able to resist viruses brought by the colonizers. Moreover, Mayas did not make any mistake in their forecasts, we just gave a wrong interpretation on their calendar system, and we built a trending topic from that.

Anyway, the game Zanzana wants to propose works like that: draw a list of the ten things you would really like to do before the world ends. This game has just one simple rule: the verb “To have” is forbidden, you can not use it. You have to make a list with the things you would like to do, or describing the inner conditions you would like to reach, the person you would like to become. Zanzana found this very useful to understand a little bit more about herself, which is always very complicated. More than this, she feels more and more that having things, the ownership of things, and every day more things, is not going to make us happy.

Here comes Zanzana’s list, she hopes you will like the game!

Ten Things Zanzana would like To Do before the World Ends:

1. See the people around her Happy

2. Learn Portuguese, Albanian, Turkish

3. Prepare a good Mayonaise

4. Grow her Own Vegetables

5. Live Far from the City

6. Take care of a Horse more often than twice per Month

7. Learn Sewing

8. Feel always Free to express her Opinions and Feelings

9. Being Able to accept Advice

10. See her Country becoming less individualist and more united.

Even if she is not allowed to add an eleventh thing, she would be glad to read your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do Before the World Ends

  1. Very nice 10 things 🙂 I hope you achieve your goals.
    Here is my list:
    1. Go to medical school, finally.
    2. Not get so bothered by little things (like upstairs neighbors stomping).
    3. Successfully keep potted plants alive for more than a month.
    4. Give for the sake of giving and not expect anything in return.
    5. Learn to make a turducken.
    6. Be more open-minded when expressing my viewpoints during debate (or argument).
    7. Visit my family in the Philippines.
    8. Fundraise for volunteer organizations.
    9. Learn rock-climbing
    10. Start a volunteer organization.


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