When you Dream of a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Zanzana would like to have a vegetable garden, in order to grow her own vegetables. People say she is only growing illusions, as she never touched a hoe, and she would not be able to dig for more than 5 minutes. She insists, and always tries to get something to do in the garden when she goes to her husband’s family house in Albania. In those occasions, she has to limit herself though, since her mother-in law immediately starts to work with her, after taking care alone of the whole house and men living inside that, and Zanzana does not want that.

Zanzana looked first for a plot to buy, but you have to know that this can be as expensive as gold in Italy. Anyway, Zanzana does not even own a home or a car, so wise people would not advise her to buy an empty field. Then she started to look for possibilities to rent a vegetable garden in the city or very close to it: something small for the time being, just to learn a little. She found different associations working on that, like this or this one, and learned that urban agriculture is a growing trend.

Zanzana does not think she will be able to produce all the vegetables and fruits she eats: for that, she would probably need a hectare, in two or three different Italian regions. She just likes a lot the idea to produce what you need, to work for yourself and not for someone else, to make at least a part of the things you use in your life, and avoid buying them, to get free from the obligation to always buy items. However, she does not have any idea about countryside life, so this is a big question mark.

Growing your Own Vegetables

Growing your Own Vegetables

Yesterday she found a message in her ‘official’ mailbox (not zanzanaglob@gmail.com). She is on a waiting list for renting a vegetable garden 4 kms from her home since one year and a half, and she reached now the 6th position. She was expecting this message at the beginning of 2013, not so early! But some lots are free now, and the candidates for vegetable gardens have to decide if they want to sign a contract within next Saturday. O My God! The vegetable garden is now very close to her, and Zanzana feels that she can not reach it. The lot is bigger, better equipped but also more expensive than expected, and there is the possibility to wait until January to see if it is possible to get any of the smaller lots, but the waiting list is long! And then she did not study enough growing vegetable science! 🙂

Zanzana really does not know want to do. She realizes also that, when you want something, but this is something new and unknown for you, you miss the courage to get it. Anyway, she planned not to decide immediately, to ask around if anybody might help her with the work, and may be to go on Saturday morning to visit the place. She feels so happy anyway, that this is happening! 🙂

Vegetable Gardens, Milan

Vegetable Gardens, Milan

6 thoughts on “When you Dream of a Vegetable Garden

  1. Urban farming or Young people leaving the cities to go in more or less remote villages are all trendy in this period due to the crisis. Last night I watched on Swiss and Italian TV reportages on these subjects. Go ahead!!!!
    So, I wish you good luck and invite us to taste your products when you are ready;)

  2. The possibility of renting a vegetable garden in Milan came as a total surprise to me. During the years that I spent there, I only saw ugly, grey buildings. It was like I couldn’t breath.
    On a more important subject: do not let anyone, anyone spoil your dream. People can be very negative but only because they are afraid of changes and jealous of individuals who aren’t. Who cares if you do not have a degree in gardening! You will learn and succeed because you love it and have the determination to pursue your project.
    I wish you the best of luck for your new adventure.

  3. Thank you very much Francesca! Yes, it is possible to rent a vegetable garden, after being for two years on a waiting list! It seems many people need land 🙂 And yes, it is strange how sometimes you ask friends and they unexpectedly answer nonsense things, instead of saying “How can I help you?” Anyway I am going to see the place and meeting the person in charge on Saturday morning, if the snow allows me 🙂

  4. Keep it up Zanzana..as long as you keep trying. We will not succeed at everything..it would be nice. But the person alone knows what they can do. And it is OK to dream, even if it never comes true, it’s OK to dream.

    Just like each member on our body has a purpose. If we lose one of them the other takes over. Or if we were to stumble and fall, you would tell your feet..”You stupid feet”. I don’t think so. You just get up and keep going, well after brushing yourself off of course. 🙂

    So your doing fine. And if you can’t make mayonnaise yet, don’t worry..there are other things you have mastered. 🙂

    Chef Randall


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