Zanzana makes Butter

Zanzana learned how to make butter at home here. She is not sure this is a really sustainable or cheap solution, as you have to buy cream, to whip it using electricity…She decided to do it anyway as a kind of ‘On Demand’ solution: she does not use butter that much, just for desserts or risotto, so she just makes some when she needs it, and does not keep any stock of that.

It is anyway very easy: take 500 ml of cream (you will obtain 200-250 gr butter)

Prepare the cream to make butter

Prepare the cream to make butter

Whip the cream and leave the mixer work until the liquid part separates from the butter

Whip the Cream

Whip the Cream

Butter is almost Ready

Butter is almost Ready

In this way you will obtain butter and buttermilk, which you can use in the morning for your caffelatte 🙂 or instead of milk when you prepare a cake.

Press very well the butter you obtained, before storing it in the fridge or freezer, if you are not planning to use it in the next 3 days.

Butter is ready

Butter is ready


3 thoughts on “Zanzana makes Butter

    • Thank you Francesca! I have put the cartons on purpose, you can also see a tram on them 🙂 It is very easy, the result is very good for desserts, as it tastes cream, but you can add salt or herbs to it if you wish. The taste is delicate also because it does not have the bacteria butter can present in the normal production. Now I would like to take cream out from raw, non pasteurized, milk, but I still did not manage 😐


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