All our thoughts and care to Damascus, our deeply missed home.

Exiled Razaniyyat



Syrians in diaspora are now writing on Facebook all together, line by line, heart by heart: Huna Dimashq (#ThisisDamascus).

Syria is not offline. You can’t. You cannot silence this revolution by unplugging a cable. Don’t you understand?

We are here to stay, till you fade away.

Our hearts ache not only in worry for our comrades, those legendary comrades. Our hearts ache for longing for their posts, their thoughts, their power and contagious strength. Oh you’ve just missed a revolution, if you think they’re offline.

Syria is not offline.
The rest of this world, is.

I miss you, comrades. It hurts.

*A little clarification on the historical meaning of “This is Damascus”:
On the 2nd of November 1956, during the tripartite Aggression on Egypt, French and British aircrafts stroke Egyptian targets for two days and succeeded in destroying Egyptian radio Antennas in the Desert of…

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