Zanzana lost in a Foggy Park, looking for a Horse

Monza Park on a Foggy Sunday

Monza Park on a Foggy Sunday

Zanzana got up very early, to be on a Sunday, and left for her bycicle ride to the Park. The sun is not completely up and the streets are almost empty. Luckily the weather forecast was wrong, so it is going to be a nice day, while it was supposed to rain. It is anyway the time you start to feel the winter, in your nose and legs.

Zanzana was ready for her riding lesson. It has been ten days that she didn’t ride, for lack of time and abundance of work. She decides she will go for a ride in the park on another day, today she will be inside the riding centre. The Park is very foggy, and she has lost her way as always, even if this is something happening to her also in the middle of August.

Miguel is waiting for her.

Miguel's portrait

Miguel’s portrait.

He is a riding school horse. He is so beautiful, even if he is not Zanzana’s absolute favourite one, but they found a way to cooperate. She loves him a lot now, while at the beginning, when she rode him for the first time, he was going backwards instead of forward…She has a lot of work to do with him, convincing him to follow her intentions, but she thinks this is a good way to learn. Miguel is the type of horse who can perfectly ignore you the first time you meet him: he just pretends, or may be hopes, you are not there. After some time and a little confidence anyway, he becomes sweeter, so Zanzana is very happy now when she can accompany him from the box to the rod and viceversa. 🙂

Riding school horses are the true professionals of the whole matter (sometimes riding instructors too). They perfectly know what it is going to happen, so they help you anyway even if you make mistakes, and most of the times try to save energy for the next working hour. They work a lot, in busy times also 6 days a week for an indeterminate number of hours. They are anyway very happy to go out in the Park for the ride, so that they can try to eat from all the branches appearing on their way, all to the advantage of your arms, when you try to keep them away from the greenery.

Riding centres are strange environments in Zanzana’s opinion. It is not easy for her to find one she can feel comfortable in. Now she did, but she is also a little worried she is not going to learn a lot technically, while she will relax for sure. What she finds amazing is that, in most cases, she rides with other girls, just girls or young women. They are also the majority of the people who own horses at the riding center, and take care of their horses during the weekend. It was the same in Sweden and Iceland. She finds it extremely nice, and laughs thinking about men looking for new women to know in wrong places! She is also very happy that riding became a women thing, after centuries of deprivation!

This is a wonderful season to ride in the Park anyway. Trees change colour

Trees changing colour in the Park

Trees changing colour in the Park

Streets are so perfectly empty

Empty Streets in a Foggy Rainy Park

Empty Streets in a Foggy Rainy Park

Details become very evident, especially to people, like Zanzana, completely lost in their dreams.

Red tree in a Foggy Park

Red tree in a Foggy Park


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