Zanzana, at the airport, is allowed without ID

Airplanes waiting for Zanzana

Airplanes waiting for Zanzana

Zanzana has to go quite often to the airport. She does not like airports, neither airplaines. She has the impression she gets more sick after two airports than after 40 km by bycicle in Milan, which is really hard to believe.

It is not for holidays, but she thinks her Ecological Footprint is worsening and her debt with the nature increasing.

Apart from this, she is probably very well known at the airport, as noboby asks for her ID and boarding pass, after the check-in and before the boarding time. Well, she has in her pocket a printout of Who is Zanzana, to show just in case, for clarifying her identity.

They ask for a lot of things, instead: the suitcase, the handbag, the coat, have you got a belt??? There is even someone shouting “Cinture computer” (Belts, laptops) meaning that you have to show those items at the security check.

But the most dangerous items are the laptop and the poisonous bag for the liquids, that you can admire here, because of EU regulations on liquids in the hand luggage:

Poisonous bag and laptop

Poisonous bag and laptop

Luckily this time Zanzana did not carry a bottle, like it happened in Zurich from Skopje, or a pan, that she had to leave in Tirana airport (“Può fare male”, it can hurt, they said). In some cases, the airport officers get really interested by her small scissors, but she is ready to fight for them!

Well, in any case nobody cared for her passport and boarding pass which she had carefully prepared. Next time she can send someone else in her place.



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