Zanzana is back to horseback

Zanzana went to ride last week. She was used to go quite often some years ago, then she stopped, mostly for time and financial reasons.

Now she has started that again, despite her finances and time stocks did not improve a lot. 🙂

She has chosen to go to the same place where she was riding before: Centro Ippico Santa Maria alle Selve, in the middle of Monza Park. She was really needing to be in the nature for that, far away from the city. She also went to have a look to a couple of riding schools in Milan, but for the time being she did not really like the environment.

Now she tries to go to Monza a couple of times per month, by bycicle. Yes, that is quite far, around 40 km in total! But this helps her to satisfy her neeed to move as much as possible, given that her survival compromise keeps her stuck on a chair for many hours every day.

She is not sure about how she decided to restart. She probably rediscovered horses in Iceland, where they have a special horse breed, living  in semi-wild conditions.

What she was missing the most is the feeling you get when you spend some time with a horse: it is not necessary to ride, just to stay a little with him/her, may be taking care of him/her. This is a quality all domestic animals have, but she thinks the well being transmitted by a horse is incomparable. She also believes horses are symbol of freedom.

When she is far away from them for a while, she misses them a lot.



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